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Public Enemy

Legendary rap group Public Enemy came through Downtown Las Vegas on The Art of Rap tour featuring many other legends of the genre including Mobb Deep, Sugarhill Gang and Naughty By Nature. The whole event was a very politically charged and nostalgic show for many. There were several moments of remembrance for good friends and industry pioneers like Biggie and 2Pac that both riled the crowd and struck a solemn chord with many.

There were many fun and unexpected moments, like when the famous Flavor Flav revealed his skills on the bass while Public Enemy performed a tastefully done mashup of their hit: Shut ’em Down” and the classic rock song “Kashmir” by British rock group Led Zeppelin.

It was a night that classic rap fans won’t soon forget. To see more from that night, check out our gallery of the event!

About the Venue

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