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Beat the Heat for Your Next Summer Music Festival

This summer line up for the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center isn’t the only thing on the horizon looking hot. Whether you’re in town to see your favorite musician or checking out the Fremont Street Experience, don’t underestimate the impact the weather may have on you, or your vacation. 

Crucial Sun Safety

Las Vegas weather in the summer is often around 104℉, also often the hottest months of the year. As heatwaves start to make themselves apparent, heat-related illnesses arise spanning from heat exhaustion to heat strokes. Be sure to avoid intense sunburns by reapplying sunscreen every two hours no matter what the activity is. Most hotel and casinos will have shops around to stock up on some SPF before heading to whatever plans you have. 

Hydration is Key

Many people who visit the desert of Las Vegas may underestimate the effects of dry air, consistently drinking water and hydrating yourself will make the adjustment a little easier. When you’re walking around town, public water fountains are usually sparce. This would mean that finding a lightweight reusable water bottle to bring along for the ride would be a great idea. The best times to refill this will be anytime you’re at a restaurant or when you’re taking a break from drinking, grab a cup of ice water to transfer over at the bar. 

Unplug from Technology

The high temperatures of the summer influence everyone and everything. It’s proven that hot weather has a very bad effect on your technology which can be a danger to you and your phone. Phones can overheat very quickly in hot weather when they’re being used. This would be a great reason to stay present and enjoy an unplugged moment at your show. If you’re worried you won’t have any memories to show all your friends, don’t worry. We have you covered since you can check out a gallery of high-quality photos from your show.

Stop for a Swim

Above all, a dip in the pool can be nice and refreshing before heading out for your plans or keeping the party going. While some of the most popular pool parties can be found on the strip, there’s a few hidden gems in the Downtown area. Take a ride down a waterslide through a shark tank or stare up a 143-foot screen playing all your favorite sports to cool off. 

When you hang out Downtown this summer, make sure you have everything you need. It’s a lively area where you can always purchase anything that you forget, but preparation is key when planning a day or a weekend around town.