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Otherwise Band Spotlight – The Las Vegas Local Hard Rock Legends

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At the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, we love our local bands and artists, and we’ve had the privilege of hosting a few of them at our venue. We’re spotlighting local bands and their discography, including 2018 Las Rageous performer and Las Vegas hard rock band, Otherwise.

Otherwise: Origin Story

Where does the Otherwise name come from? Adrian Patrick says, “The definition of the word is actually ‘other than supposed.’ It’s kind of how we carry ourselves. What you see is not always what you get with us.”

Desert born and bred, Otherwise first began in 2003 right here in the valley. Once considered during its fledgling years as “one of the best unsigned bands in the country,” the hard rock band had a promising career.


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The release of their self-titled record in 2006 officially launched the group into the rock and heavy metal genre. They’ve since released three additional studio albums and two EPs, with the EPs showcasing their acoustic prowess as well. Otherwise is also known for their unforgettable live performances, having toured nationally multiple times.

Band Members

Some musicians have come and gone throughout the years, including Don DW King, Vassilios Metropolous, and Alan Doucette (to name a few). The following are the current members:

Otherwise lead singer Adrian Patrick at Las Rageous festival

Adrian Patrick – Lead Vocals

The local hard rock band may have seen a few members cycle through their tenure but Adrian Patrick, lead vocals, has always remained at the helm. He helped begin the band with his brother in ‘03. The elder Patrick performs with contagious vigor and rage that drives their hard-hitting music.

Ryan Patrick – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

The last name isn’t a coincidence. The alternative rock brothers began Otherwise together. Ryan plays lead guitar and backs vocals. Both Patrick brothers have weathered the band’s storms, remaining while others have departed.

Tony “the Beast” Carboney – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Nicknamed “the Beast” not just for his beastly headbanging skills, Tony’s unmistakable talent on the bass is why, according to Adrian, “he is a beast of a musician.” Educated in music theory, “the Beast” can play multiple instruments.

Brian Medeiros – Drums

The latest member to join the group, Mederios is a notable expert on the drums, not an easy feat in the genre. With experience in jazz and beyond, the drummer has been playing for over 20 years.

Albums & EPs

Otherwise – 2006

The inaugural album, Otherwise, provided 11 tracks of the brothers Patrick soaring vocals and escalating riffs. 

True Love Never Dies – 2012

Favorite anthems “Soldiers” and “Die for You” assisted Otherwise’s fame trajectory into full speed. True Love Never Dies is still considered one of the band’s most popular album releases.

Peace at All Costs – 2014

With 14 tracks and single hit “Darker Side of the Moon,” Peace at All Costs did not disappoint with their 3rd album. 

Sleeping Lions – 2017

Noted by Las Vegas Review Journal for being “their strongest album yet,” Sleeping Lions brought about another favorite song, “Angry Heart.” “Anger is a gift,” Adrian remarked, “If used correctly.”

Rebel Yell / Heaven – 2013

A quiet release but nonetheless epic, the Rebel Yell / Heaven offered two acoustic melodies that still somehow have the hint of fury and passion.

From the Roots, Volumes 1 & 2 – 2016, 2018

Otherwise doesn’t only shred on the electric guitar. These two EPs showed off their artistry even stripped down.

After signing with Mascot Records last year, the alternative metal group has promised another album “later this year.”

Past Concerts and Upcoming Tours

With the fifth album on the horizon, the band is on their Beta Testing tour this summer, promising all new music.

While the band continues tour nationally, Otherwise is also one of our favorite all-time Las Rageous performances ever

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