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PRIDE 2019: Events and Parades around the World

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Pride events and parades across the world represent a time of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community’s beliefs in equality, anti-discrimination, and diversity. Pride brings together people of all nationalities, orientations, and genders to further demonstrate the acknowledgment of self-love and acceptance.

PRIDE Parades and Events across the US

The LGBT festival wasn’t always a triumph of legalization achievement and community acceptance but a rally for rights. As the name signifies, pride is about unabashedly breaking down social stigmas. Here are just some of the parades proudly represented across the continents.

New York

June, considered internationally as LGBTQ month, often holds a majority of these commemorations because of the 1970 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. To this day, the political event turned to an annual tradition of equal parts party and rally. The NYC parade is usually held in June to remember the liberation march that started it all.

Las Vegas

One of the new parades to the popular cities in the US, Las Vegas PRIDE is a local organization that hosts events all year long. This year, they’re co-hosting the parade and festival alongside the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. Expect pop up drag shows, a wide selection of food trucks and beverages, and live entertainment. Bring your family for the Saturday festival October, 12th, or join the masses for an 18+ Friday night parade October 11th.

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San Francisco

The San Francisco PRIDE parade is world-renowned for all the good times to be had, touted as one of the most popular parties to attend globally. Some of the culture’s most famous drag queens and artists attend. If you’re looking for a party on the West Coast with a cause, don’t miss the Pride Parade & Celebration.

Los Angeles

To help kick off LGBT month in 2019, LA’s festival takes place in West Hollywood. The headliners alone will crowds across the county with musicians like Meghan Trainor and Year & Years, this year’s parade promises all of the magic that celebrates inclusion and supports diversity.

Washington DC

Washington, DC jumpstarts the East Coast celebration with capitol building block party unlike any other. With three music stages, locals and visitors across the world can enjoy spectacular concerts, beverages, and food.

International PRIDE Parades and Events

The party doesn’t stop at the border. Discover all the worldwide celebrations—just as prominent and proud.


What better place to start our international trip than our British brothers and sisters? No promises that the city won’t literally rain on your parade but the massive LGBTQ community will gather around world-famous landmarks to celebrate #PrideJubilee in July. Enjoy your fair share of pub crawls and popular clubs as well throughout the weekend.


The Pride event here is called “Christopher Street Day.” If you’re looking for a place to party and represent in Europe, Berlin’s homage to the Stonewall Riots is the place to be.

Tel Aviv

As the largest parade in the Middle East, Tel Aviv’s boisterous celebration in Israel takes place the first weekend in June. This event has not only become a gathering but also a refuge for many in the defiant yet thriving gay community across the Middle East.

Mexico City

If you find yourself further south rather than east this summer, Mexico City provides an unforgettable party. Locally known as “Marcha Del Orgullo LGBTTTI En La CDMX,” this grand occasion draws thousands of like-minded individuals.


The last on our but certainly not the least, Zurich, Switzerland knows how to throw a party. Vibrant yet still family-friendly, the Zurich Pride festival, recently renamed in 2009, promises a parade and festival for all ages and sexual orientations.

Embrace. Your. Pride.

Look forward to celebrating love and diversity with DLVEC this fall 2019. With a variety of VIP options and unforgettable experiences, see all the upcoming Las Vegas concerts and events this summer and beyond.

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