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Storm Area 51: Out of This World Events and Parties in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has some of the best entertainment in the world from world-class shows to sold-out concerts. This year marks an experience unlike any other in the galaxy: Storm Area 51. In a manner only matched by Vegas’s penchant for entertainment, celebrate this extraterrestrial occasion with a party.

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What Is Storm Area 51?

Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us is a Facebook event jokingly set up by Jackson Barns earlier this year and set for September 20, 2019. Although what started as a gag has now turned into a national affair. 

The event has inspired 2 million RSVPs, countless memes, a Lil Nas X music video, and a serious warning from the United States Airforce: “Any attempt to illegally access the area is highly discouraged.” 

Area 51 Origins

Known as the highly classified United States Air Force facility outside Las Vegas, Area 51 is nestled inside the Nevada Testing Site and training grounds. Civilians are not permitted on the property for safety reasons. Or, so they say.

Because of its shroud of mystery and undisclosed government experiments, many have speculated that the USAF and Central Intelligence Agency utilize its desert locale to imprison and/or interrogate extraterrestrial lifeforms. While the CIA has acknowledged the area’s existence (the area, not aliens), they commonly refer to it as the Homey Airport.

It’s speculated that the area is used for nuclear and weapons testing as well as airforce training. 

The area has been in the pop culture spotlight for a while but the stories first emerged in the late 50s. Reports of U.F.O. sightings in the Nevada desert and New Mexico started as early as 1947.

The origins of the notorious location’s name remain enigmatic as well. The “official name” according to Time magazine, is “the Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake.” Granted, a name not as catchy as Area 51.

storm area 51 event at dlvec
Green Velvet at ZOOLOGY 2019

Storm Area 51 Events

In the very Vegas fashion, many are taking advantage of this occasion to entertain, celebrate “all life”, and have a good time. So grab your tinfoil hats and discover all the Storm Area 51 events happening this September.

What started as a raid has evolved into an intergalactic excuse for a party.


A tongue and cheek call back to the historic Woodstock festival of the 60s, Alienstock promises a similar psychedelic experience. Green-themed and put together by the same Barns who set up the original Facebook event, the alien festival will offer food, art, and EDM DJs and playlists.

Area 51 Celebration

The night before the alleged and infamous storming of Area 51, join Collective Zoo for a pre-game party presented by Bud Light. Expect limited edition Area 51 gear, a special arrival, plus all you’ve come to expect from a party at DLVEC: food trucks, drinking, and a stellar show.

Don’t miss this Area 51 celebration that will feature special edition Bud Light beer.

After Parties & More

Some bars and clubs are hosting more intimate celebrations of the event. See some of the following to attend:

  • Carlos ‘N Charlie’s – Silent disco with a side of nachos.
  • The Great Area 51 Bar Crawl – Not willing to risk storming a classified, government facility? Storm Fremont Street instead.

More to come as we get closer to the event.

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