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Five Finger Death Punch: Local Las Vegas Band Highlight

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We love our local bands and artists at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. Our venue has hosted more than a few extraordinary performances by musicians who call the valley home. We’re spotlighting local bands and their discography, including 2018 Las Rageous performer and metal band, Five Finger Death Punch.


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Five Finger Death Punch Early Days

The band first began with brothers Zoltan Bathory and Jeremy Spencer in 2005. Charlie Engen would later replace Jeremy Spencer who would leave the band after 13 years because of back problems.

During their initial days, Bathory invited Motograter lead singer Ivan Moody from Colorado to help launch their prominent metal career. A year and some change later, Five Finger Death Punch recorded their debut full album, the Way of the Fist, which went on to sell over a half-million copies in the US. 

The heavy metal group has also gone by such labels like FFDP, 5FDP, and Death Punch. The name’s origins stem from kung fu cinema where there’s a specific yet exaggerated martial arts move referred to as a “Five Finger Death Punch.”

The founder himself, Zoltan Bathory, defines their sound and style as “a straight-up heavy metal band with a hint of thrash metal.”

Zoltan Bathory playing rhythm guitar

Current Band Members

Bands often see members come and go but there remains a portion who make it the long haul to legendary. Bathory and Moody are the remaining original members of Five Finger Death Punch. 

Ivan Moody – Lead Vocals

Known for his mixture of screaming and singing, Moody has led the band since the very first record. He has also been known to sing a haunting ballad or two as demonstrated in their rare acoustic tracks. Not so incidentally, Moody is a fan of the martial arts.

Jason Hook – Lead Guitar

Canadian lead guitar virtuoso, Jason Hook has played for and with many artists from Hillary Duff to Alice Cooper since first recording his chords in 2001. He joined FFDP in 2009.

Zoltan Bathory – Rhythm Guitar

Bathory not only began the band in ‘05 but has also continued to support the group with his guitar skills and martial arts knowledge. He was once named “Best Shredder” in 2010 by Metal Hammer magazine. Zoltan Bathory is one of the band’s biggest lyrical contributors as well.

Chris Kael – Bass

Kael replaced the original bassist Matt Snell in 2010. Although the bassist has struggled with addiction, he’s made strides since attending rehab in ‘18. He celebrated a year of sobriety earlier this year.

Charlie Engen – Drums

Frequently referred to as “The Engine,” Charlie Engen replaced Bathory’s brother and FFDP co-founder Jeremy Spencer as the band’s drummer. Spencer left due to back problems. Engen was friends with Spencer already was serendipitously enlisted when asked to join the ranks in 2018. 

Past Band Members

The following former members may have moved on to different projects but still helped build the staple sounds that makeup FFDP today.

  • Jeremy Spencer – drums (2005–2018)
  • Caleb Andrew Bingham – lead guitar (2005–2006)
  • Darrell Roberts – lead guitar (2006–2009)
  • Matt Snell – bass (2005–2010)


Five Finger Death Punch has recorded seven studio albums over the last 15 years, promising another in the very near future.

The Way of the Fist – 2007

The inaugural album met unprecedented success across the United States, laying the foundation for a successful career.

War Is the Answer – 2009

The sophomore follow up was met with no less applause from critics and fans.

American Capitalist – 2011

This album was followed up by the tour “Share the Welt.”

The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 – 2013

The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2 – 2013

The first volume received the most notoriety the Five Finger Death Punch had seen to date. The second volume sold 77,000 copies in its first week.

Got Your Six – 2015

The 6th album tour included co-headlining with Papa Roach. 

And Justice for None – 2018

Controversial in its infancy, Five Finger Death Punch’s 7th album included further touring, co-headlining with record-breakers like Breaking Benjamin.

Past Concerts and Upcoming Tours

While familiar to epic shows in their hometown, FFDP is also one of our favorite all-time Las Rageous performances ever. The group co-headlined with Judas Priest for the Saturday night setlist, playing favorites from Jekyll and Hyde to an acoustic version of The Wrong Side of Heaven. 

In May 2019, the band teased that another record was in the making. The local group is on a headlining tour that launches this fall.

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