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Las Rageous Survival Guide – From the Mosh Pit to Crowd Surfing

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The annual Las Rageous festival promises all of the headbanging rockers crave. The epic two-day event also often includes experiences one can only have at a one-of-kind hard rock concert. To make the most of your weekend, read our Las Rageous survival guide.

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Las Rageous 2019: Safety and Etiquette

Las Rageous is one unforgettable experience after another. From the food trucks and rock anthems, the metal festival has you covered. While not at the forefront of many minds, safety is still vital for the ultimate festival experience.

Mosh Pit

Commonly practiced at heavy metal concerts, mosh pits have been around since the 80s. Inspired by the hardcore punk scenes of that era, the dance style caught onto other genres soon thereafter.

The goal of the mosh pit is certainly not to injure or get yourself or others hurt. It’s a means of release and a way to celebrate music you enjoy with fellow fans.

Pit etiquette applies to everyone, but not everyone wants to be in the pit. Consider your surroundings and the participants before you join in or help instigate the moshing.

Whether it’s your first time in the pit or you’re a long-time veteran, be wary of sharp accessories and shoes, keeping in mind you might get a little dirty and little bruised in the process. Respect anyone who wants to watch from outside the circle. If pushing ever comes to shoving, it might be time to bow out.

Fans bond at concerts and in the pit. So stay safe and have fun.

Crowd Surfing

Crowd surfing goes all the way back to Cincinnati Ohio with Iggy Pop in 1970. Peter Gabriel carried on the tradition until many rock stars following shared in the right of passage. 

When it comes to crowd surfing, it’s more than a leap of faith, and it’s definitely not for everyone or the faint of heart.

Body surfing requires trust in the audience, the people responsible for holding you up, as well as dexterity if accidentally or unexpectedly dropped. It’s why venues often ban the act. Iggy Pop, the king of crowd surfing, retired from the act after such an incident happened nearly a decade ago.

For crowd surfing, ultimately, it’s recommended that it’s left to the rock and festival professionals.

2018 Las Rageous headliner, Five Finger Death Punch, provides some more safety tips for a raging good time.

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Las Rageous at DLVEC

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