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The Most Outrageous Performances at Las Rageous (So Far)

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Las Rageous is one of the loudest festivals of the year. Thousands gather at The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center to see some of the biggest bands in hard rock and metal. Since its coronation in 2017, the music festival has seen many bands cross the stage. Since then, we’ve collected a list of most outrageous performances. At least, so far.

The Most OutRageous Performances

Bursting at the seams with nearly 20,000 fans last year, the music venue expanded and poured out onto the sidewalks and side streets of Downtown Las Vegas. The previous epic lineups provide a long list of ear-splitting entertainment, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorites.


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Five Finger Death Punch

One of the top headliners for 2018, Five Finger Death Punch went on just before midnight, carrying the weekend to a rattling, epic finale. From Jekyll and Hyde to acoustic covers like House of the Rising Sun, FFDP ended the evening with the anthem, “The Bleeding.”


The local band Otherwise launched the weekend with an apt metal mantra “Soldiers.” Lead singer Adrian Patrick got the crowds ramped for a full Friday night of hard hitting songs. See the full gallery.

Judas Priest

The internationally renowned 70s hard rock band from England assisted in the grand finale with a 3-part encore. Leading the complex guitar stylings for the encore, legendary guitarist Tipton also finished the night with the fortuitous “Living After Midnight.”

A Perfect Circle

The rock supergroup led by Tool vocalist Maynard Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel commanded the stage with their alternative rock tracks and even a Depeche Mode cover. Watch the 2018 recap for a taste.

In This Moment

In 2018, In This Moment was unhinged. The unmatched vocal stylings and stage presence of Maria Brink entranced festival-goers. The metal band from Los Angeles started with the hair raising “Blood,” playing until the last vibrations of “Whore” rang in everyone’s eardrums.


One of the original Las Rageous headliners Godsmack, is still raging with the release of their 2018 album “When Legends Rise.” Helping establish the festival originally, these legends are known for performing “I Stand Alone” and a Beatles number one, “Come Together.


Georgia-born but sludge metal bred, Mastodon continued to bring the heavy rock with a side of renewed energy and creativity. They finished off their set with the unexpected classic “March of the Ants.”

Escape the Fate

These Nevada natives pride themselves on well crafted “post” hardcore rock and crafting a skull-rattling concert experience. Their 2017 Las Rageous inauguration didn’t disappoint.

Avenged Sevenfold

The eminent metal group with cross-genre popularity changed the pace with their soaring vocals heavily layered with double stroke kick drumming and incendiary guitar riffs. The metalcore band ended their set list with “A Little Piece of Heaven.”

Coheed & Cambria

Considered one of the titular progressive rock bands of the 90s, the New York collective has been performing since 1995. While the setlist lasted only 9 songs, the crowd roared for the timeless sensation “Welcome Home.” The ubiquitous song was warmly embraced.

crowd at a day to remember concert

A Day to Remember

Bringing together a fusion of metal and pop punk, ADTR played a staggering 13-strong set list, from the “Downfall of Us All” to “If It Means a Lot to You.”

Las Rageous 2019

With this year’s festival on October 18 and 19, Las Rageous at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center promises even more unforgettable performances. Watch the teaser below and get ready to RAGE.

Don’t miss another outstanding performance and see all the events and concerts happening downtown all year long.

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