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New Music on the Block

The month of March has brought lots of lucky memories, movies, Las Vegas raves, and of course, new music releases. Let’s take a look at some of the most talked about and maybe missed songs and albums released in March.

Miley Cyrus

Iconic singer and actor, Miley Cyrus, started March off with a bang with her new album Endless Summer Vacation. Her most notable track has become “Flowers,” that reminds everyone that you can never go wrong with self-love and acceptance.

“I can buy myself flowers . . . I can take myself dancing . . . I can hold my own hand.”

Miley Cyrus

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis has released her new album Red Moon in Venus that features songs like, “I Wish You Roses”, “Endlessly”, and “Hasta Cuando”. “I Wish You Roses” was originally released back in January of 2023 and caused many fans to post about the song on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram Reels. A new trend transpired after the album’s release that shows fans before they listened to Kali vs. after they listened to Kali, showing themselves happier and more at peace with life.

“Hasta Cuando tú vas a hablar de mí?”

Kali Uchis

Charlotte de Witte

The time for techno is now. Charlotte de Witte’s new EP, Reflection, is back with more thumps and womps than you can imagine. Artist Enrico Sangiuliano collaborated with Charlotte on this collab as it brings back some elements of 90s Techno and crisp drops that will make you bob your head.

If you are looking for more raves in Las Vegas to add to your list . . . Charlotte de Witte is coming to the DLVEC this April!

Melanie Martinez

Cry Babies . . . it’s time. As Melanie Martinez states, “I’m back from the dead,” from her new single, “DEATH.” This song definitely shows that she is not afraid of anyone and is ready to shine once again. Her new sound mixes some elements of EDM and fantasy sounds that is sure to send you into another realm.

100 Gecs

When people hear of 100 Gecs, they would never be able to guess that this is the kind of music that people would mosh to. Their new album, “10,000 gecs,” brings comical aspects, fun upbeat sounds, and songs that make have you questioning life in general. “Frog on the Floor” a comical song about a small frog who has been found on the floor brings an upbeat melody that makes you want to move your head along no matter how weird it may sound. This song ends with a bit of a dystopian feel when they refer to the frog as just a frog in the world with no worries or bills to pay. Their hit song “Mememe” was released way before the album.